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Carpet & Fabric Plus+

BioBased Carpet & Fabric cleaner that removes deep set organics from the Carpet the pad & the Floor

BioLogix CARPET+PLUS® contains a synergized blend of selectively adapted Bacillus organisms,all of which have been  stabilized in a spore state. Each strain has been selectively adapted for
accelerated degradation capabilities of organic compounds such as grease, food, beverages,
urine, blood, vomit, pet stains, etc. CARPET+PLUS®
was developed to answer the need for high
will actually consume and
performance cleaning and lasting odor control. CARPET+PLUS®
eliminate the residual organics, which cause the stains and odors, from deep within the carpet
pile, padding and the hard surface below.


• Natural Carpets • Synthetic Carpets • Hospital Carpets
•Automotive Carpets •Pet Stain & Odor Control •Nursing Home Carpets


Active Synergistic Bacillus Strains
 Deliver long lasting, highly effective organic degradation capabilities.
 Wide-spectrum organic degradation performance.
 Broad tolerance to a variety of environmental conditions.
Multi-Phase Cleaning System
 Phase I – Initial surfactant action, coupled with foaming and wetting agents, provides for immediate
cleaning action by freeing up organics and particulates.
 Phase II – Surfactant action allows the now activated bacteria to penetrate through the pile and the
pad to the hard surface, where they remain to continue digesting odor-producing organic matter.
Safe…Economical…Custom Formulations Available
 Custom formulations are available for unique product flexibility.
 Safe for use on all carpets including fifth generation carpets such as: Stain Master, Anso V Worry
Free, Monsanto Weardated, Scotchguard Stain Release, and Teflon coated yarns.
 CARPET+PLUS ® provides you with a unique and effective bio-formulated carpet care product.


• protein digesting •starch digesting •cellulose digesting •fat/grease digesting
•lipase •protease •amylase •cellulase
Cleaning Systems
CARPET+PLUS® chemical cleaning system facilitates the extraction process, then encapsulates the
remaining particulates and organic matter. When the carpet dries, the remaining encapsulated
matter turns to a fine non-sticky powder, which is then easily vacuumed up.
Optimum Conditions for Use
Bacteria in BioLogix CARPET+PLUS® perform very well within a pH range of 6.0 to 9.5 with the
optimum near pH 7.0. Temperature affects the activity of the working solution and action increases
with rising temperatures up to 100oF (45°C). Little activity can be expected below 40oF (5oC).